Croft Information

Please read through the information below carefully.

Covid-19 Procedures
It is important that everyone at the event obey the social distancing rules in place at all times and stay 2 metres apart.
Only participants and essential helpers can attend the event, spectators are not permitted.
Any drivers sharing a vehicle that are not from the same household or support bubble must ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned in between use.
Please keep the facilities clean and make use of the hand sanitizer provided.
Ensure that you observe the ‘Rule of Six’ at all times.
Camping is permitted on the Saturday night, access is 17:30 – 22:00.
Toilets & Showers will be open.
You can leave your car/trailer at the venue overnight at your own risk but you are not to arrive before 17:30 unless you are taking part in the Saturday Trackday.
Drivers are required to complete their Registration, Vehicle Safety Declaration Form & Safety Briefing no later than 12:00 on Saturday 19th September
20th September - Driver Registration Forms – Live from 18th September
Please ensure that you have read through the event Regulations carefully and that your vehicle complies before attending.
The Vehicle Safety Declaration form (VSD) means that you self declare that the vehicle complies with the safety regulations, we will carry out visual inspections throughout the event to check that the declaration is in order.
Please ensure that you read through the Event Instructions & Timetable linked below.
Competition Licence
We require that all participants are in possession a licence issued by The IOPD which is a body empowered by statute 1371 and authorised by the Secretary of state for the regulation of off- highway auto events.
These will be available on the day of the event only at a cost of £20 for an Annual Licence or £10 for a day licence. Please print and complete the competition licence form and bring it with you to Check In. Payment by Credit Card or cheque will not be an option. Cash Only Please.

Competition Licence Form

Competition Plates 
You are required to display competition plates (30x25cm) with your competition numbers on the side of your vehicle throughout the event. We advise that you mount your stickers on magnetic plates if you wish to remove them between events. We will provide a set of numbered competition plates to each competitor at their first event free of charge to use over the course of the year.
Food will be available throughout the weekend from an outdoor catering unit as a takeaway service.
Live Results
We’ll be operating live timing throughout the event which you can find on the link below.
The live timing page is spilt into 3 different tabs
Live – Cars on track during the current run, note that this view will only display the top 50 cars.
Start List – Times for everyone on the event which is set to class order.
Ranking – Overall results for the event, Class T & Z entries will be grouped underneath the main entry field
If you set a time and it is not being displayed on the results then chances are it was a voided run.
Sector times will show only for the current run and reset at the start of the next.
Inters 1 & 2 below shows the position of the timing beams spliting the 1st (60Ft Launch), 2nd & 3rd sectors.
A full set of results including overall, class and run times including sectors will be available from the results tab on the sprint page the day after the event has concluded. We won’t be issuing physical copies of the results at this time, event result will remain on the live timing until overwritten by the next event.