Croft makes a comeback

Posted by admin 05/04/2016 0 Comment(s)



As those of you who were at Blyton Park at the weekend will know we've found out some new information about the use of the rally stage at Oulton Park that will make running a sprint competition there very problematic so we have decided to make alternative arrangements. This means that we'll be travelling up north again to visit Croft Circuit on Sunday 3rd July in place of Oulton which judging by the response when it was announced will be a popular choice.
Croft is a prestigious circuit and as such it comes at a price so the cost of this particular round will be £159 at the early booking price which lasts until a week before entries close. Croft is sure to be a challenge for the drivers and the vehicles alike but keep in mind that noise will be strictly monitored on this round as problematic vehicles have the potential to spoil the day for everyone instead of just themselves so we encourage everyone to do what they can to make sure that's not an issue. The revised Round 3 is now available for booking via the main menu of the website, we hope you'll come and join us.