Round 2 Sold Out

Posted by admin 06/05/2016 0 Comment(s)

Round 2 at Blyton Park on the 22nd of May is now officially sold out, those of you who are booked on already will find your event paperwork and timetables on the event downloads tab on the event listing. Camping is available on this event for a small fee payable directly to the circuit on the day. As we are running a trackday the day before the sprint event you can arrive at the circuit the day before but unless you are taking part in the trackday your vehicles should remain out of the way at the end of the paddock until the trackday has concluded at 5pm, we will try and scrutineer some of the vehicles already on site at around 5:20pm to take some of the pressure off the following morning. If you are not taking part in the trackday then you do not have permission to enter the paddock to set up until it has concludes at 5pm so do not make a nuisance of yourselves please.

If you've missed the cut for the first event then you can apply to go on the reserve list by clicking the link below and following the instructions. Please note that if a space becomes available we will call through the reserve list until we have filled that place, if you do not provide a contact number you will move to the back of the list. Also please note that we will call you if a place becomes available so calling us to ask about it won't help you get on.