2017 Provisional Calendar & Regulations

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Merry Christmas Sprinters ! You've all been asking for some details on the plans for 2017 and they are finally here. So what are the changes for next year? well it's kind of the same but different. Classes have been shuffled about with new designations so you’ll have to relearn them but the principles remain the same. After much debate on the Facebook group as to where the lines should be drawn I've come to the conclusion that the more fluid 'best fit' method is still probably the best solution as it seems to have worked up to now and applying various other criteria to 2016 results barely made any difference at all. The only other solution was to start down the power/weight ratio road but that makes things complicated and that goes against the principles of the series. So the new changes are :
Class A Performance Production - Cars with larger performance modifications or the faster cars from Trackday Production.
Class B Trackday Production - Production vehicles that have been modified or fitted with aftermarket parts, your average trackday car.
Class C Road Production - Mainly standard road vehicles, some cosmetic upgrades and minor performance enhancements are permitted. Vehicles must have full interior.
Class F Specialist Vehicles - Lotus Seven & kit car style vehicles.
Class S Single Seater & Aero – Single Seaters and heavily aero based vehicles i.e. radicals.
So the idea is that taking the old 2016 classes A & C become essentially the same class but then split into two with the faster cars in A and the not quite as fast ones in B which should hopefully spread the numbers out a bit more and make it fairer for everyone. Now cars in Class A are still permitted to use competition tyres if they wish (same safety restrictions as last year) but I’m aware that this can be a big advantage depending on the tyre so if someone is gaining a large advantage from the tyres then we would reserve the right to bump them up to a higher subclass to balance it out although I don’t expect tyres will work out to be a huge difference in practice. The other change that I’ve made in the production classes is to move the divider for 3&4 subclass from 1600cc to 1700cc to make the spread a bit better as subclass 4 was barely used last year.
One of the bigger changes is to single seaters and very fast lightweight aero type cars like radicals which have come along every so often but dominated when they have turned up usually and as Round 5 at Woodbridge showed it was actually a more interesting series for overall results when they were absent. They do entertain people when they are there due to their pure performance but they don’t make for a good competition in such low numbers as it’s usually one person way out in front so rather than excluding them we’ve developed an alternative. We will remove those vehicles from the overall class structure into their own class (S) where they can compete against each other however they will only be eligible for class awards and therefore will not form part of the overall championship. This allows them to still take part but in their own exclusive mini series which will be restricted to no more than 10 entries per event.
In order to continue to offer the selection of venues that we do and possibly improve upon it in future years we needed to make a change, either we needed to take more cars or we needed to increase the costs of the events quite a bit but rather than go to one extreme or the other we have compromised. So we will now have a two tier price system in place, the cheaper venues will remain at £139 whereas the more expensive circuits will cost £159. We will also be changing the regulations to 1 untimed practice run and then 6 timed runs for results purposes however in practice you probably won’t notice much difference from previous years as we will still continue runs after the 6th timed run as the schedule permits they just won’t count for the results. For a sprint that is still the best value for money out there.
We’ve also made a change to the championship, you will only count points for 6 rounds now. This means that if you wish you can pick and choose which events you want to attend and hopefully it should allow those of you who can’t attend all the rounds to still stay in contention for the championship.
We’ve made a few other tweaks to the regulations and they are by no means completely finished for 2017 yet so have a read through them and keep an eye out for any changes.
Now the intention was to make all of this live and on sale at the same time however there is still the slim possibility of some of the later rounds swapping around so for now I am just announcing the dates ready for when they go on sale in the new year so you can plan ahead. Please be aware that all of these dates are still effectively provisional and subject to change until all the calendars are settled around mid January so if you insist on booking time off or accommodation straight away then please do so with the understanding that you might need to change it at some point. Hopefully that should not be the case but we had a couple of changes forced upon us last year so I just want you all to be absolutely clear on this as we don’t want to see you out of pocket.
 Round 1
 Snetterton 300
 26th March
 Round 2
 Blyton Park (Outer)
 16th April
 Round 3
 Kendrew Barracks
 21st May
 Round 4
 25th June
 Round 5
 Blyton Park (Eastern)*
 23rd July
 Round 6
 19th August
 Round 7
 10th September
 Round 8
 Cadwell Park*
 22nd October
*Subject to confirmation
You can find all of the regulations on the website HERE and you can join in the discussion about it all on our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/JavelinSprintdays