Round 7 - Kendrew Barracks

Posted by admin 11/09/2017 0 Comment(s)

Sunday saw us return to Kendrew Barracks for round 7 of the 2017 series after the changes at Woodbridge meant it was no longer available. Several of the regulars were unable to make this round so with only 36 cars we were in for a relaxed day compared to normal but with rain forecast for the afternoon we decided to crack on and get through the competitive runs in the morning so the weather didn't spoil things later on which meant we had one of the earliest finishes we've ever had and a good chance to chat with a few people without the normal rushing around trying getting everything packed away. Whilst the original running of Kendrew drew widespread praise for its fast technical layout the reverse direction proved to be a bit more mixed with some prefering the original layout whereas others much preferred the new one, you can't please everyone!


Before the event you would have thought it would have been quite straightforward working out who was going to finish where with there being less people to choose from but on the day it proved to be anything but simple with 3 different leaders over the course of the day as everyone got to grips with the new course setup with nobody having driven it at all until the convoy runs. Dale Johnson bolted out the gates into an early lead on the two runs before being overhauled by the usual frontrunners and eventually finishing 4th overall but keeping Chris Neeves in the Ferrari looking over his shoulder for the last few runs as he gave him a good run for his money for 3rd. Jon Ison took the lead after the 3rd timed run and from there was quite comfortable as technical issues meant that Tim Beford in the Subaru just couldn't get close enough but it didn't stop Jon going faster on the final run just to be sure to secure his maiden series win.


Round 8 takes place at Cadwell Park on Sunday the 22nd of October which is sure to be a sellout with 2/3rds of the spaces gone already so get yourselves booked on sharpish to avoid missing out. We'll have the event awards at Cadwell as normal after the event and then after a short break (whilst I'm working it out) we'll then have the championship presentation as well so everyone is welcome to attend that. I will arrange to have the bar open for a period after the event as well so those of you who don't need to travel straight away can relax a little after the event.


If you're looking for something to do in the meantime we're back at Cadwell Park for Round 5 of the Toyota & Mazda Sprint Series on the 1st of October so you can join in the Toyota series as part of Class X if you've not got one of those makes. & We also have the final round of those series on the Snetterton 100 the day before the Javelin sprint on the 21st of October which you can also attend as well as a trackday at Cadwell Park on the 21st as well although that is almost sold out as I write this.


Results from the weekend and for the year are available via the 2017 results page on the main menu which you can also access HERE
Darren from Pistonbroke Photography is taking the photographs for the series this year and as you will see is sharing some of them via the facebook group so if you wish to purchase some high resolution shots of your vehicle on the day you can contact him via where it is £20 for approximately 50 shots of your vehicle via Dropbox or £23 for a disk to be posted out.