2018 Series - What you need to know

Posted by admin 24/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

We know that a lot of you will be keen to find out what’s going on for next year so lets jump into it.


2018 Calendar

You can expect a provisional calendar to be announced in the run up to Christmas with it then being made official in the first few weeks after new year. Although we sorted our date requests months ago in the trackday world we have to wait to see if anything changes as the various race calendars are sorted out over the winter so there is no point in announcing anything until it’s all settled down. If you want a timescale for your winter build then you should aim to have the car up and running again ready for the last weekend of March and then as is traditional one event per month until October.


2018 Regulations

There will be the odd tweak over the winter as there always is but I will aim to announce the 2018 regs in December, I have an idea of some changes I would want to make to the class structure but until I run some simulations to see if they work out as expected then I won’t be announcing anything. The principle is always the same, you should be grouped up with vehicles of a similar level to your own. If you are new to the series then you can still use the existing structure as a guide, although the allocation for some classes may change the general baseline in place for the subclasses should remain the same.


Class S

As I announced at the last round due to popular demand I will introduce a championship for vehicles in Class S, so whilst they will still be limited in numbers and not counted in the overall series results they can still compete in their own mini series within JTSS.


2018 Entry

As with this year there will be the option to enter the whole series for a discounted rate once the events go on sale.