2018 Regulations

Posted by admin 28/12/2017 0 Comment(s)
Here we go again, the 2018 Regulations are now up on the website. With the addition on the Japanese Sprint Series as a sister series we sat down and tried to work out a set of regulations that would work for both equally and addressed some of the criticisms of previous years. So classes A, B & C are gone and instead we’ve got a more clearly defined split of Specs1-4 along with more groupings by engine size which should rectify some of the vagueness of the old regs whilst maintaining their spirit with cars of similar performance grouped together. Similarly we’ve removed the use of competition tyres from the series as including them just made class balance even harder and they were not very widely used, they can still be run in the Unlimited class however just not as part of the competition series.
We’ve added a few more safety rules in places just to avoid any doubt of certain things that have been asked so the regulations have got a bit longer but should still be fairly simple for the most part.
One of the changes we’ll be making this year is that in order to score championship points you will need to register to do so for a small fee, this is partly to make it easier for us to track who is committed to the championship or not but also to address some concerns of single entries playing a bigger role in the championship than they perhaps should.
Lastly as promised the Class S guys will be competing in their own mini championship over the year.
As always the regulations may be modified as needed as we go along and should be treated as provisional until the series is on sale in January. Let us know what you think in the spritn facebook group or by email, we're interested in hearing your feedback.