Rewards, Launch & Regs Updates

Posted by admin 12/01/2018 0 Comment(s)
We can confirm that all being well the 2018 series will go on sale next Wednesday afternoon (17th Jan) so you will be able to book onto whichever rounds you wish or you can book the entire series for a discounted rate as we offered last year.
We can also announce a new rewards feature for this year, every sprint round booked will award a £10 discount voucher against a Javelin Trackday in the same year. Quite a few of you like to take part in the trackdays that tend to run before each sprint event so we thought we'd give you something back this year. So if you booked the entire series you could save £80 in trackdays over the year and that doesn't even include the rewards points savings you would earn as well. Please note that vouchers cannot be combined and usage is limited to one voucher per order.
We've made a few tweaks to the regs before launch day after some feedback and some requests were made.
  1. We've made a few minor tweaks to some of the rules and removed some wording that was not required.
  2. We've inserted a new class in J8 for 'Ultimate 1800-2000cc vehicles' which should even things out a bit as it will allow a place for the more heavily modified vehicles to up to without having them move up to the over 2L classes and it will help spread the field a little in what is an extremely popular class as almost a 1/4 of the entries fit into that engine range.
  3. We've added 2 new classes for vehicles under 1000cc.
  4. We've added a 3rd class to the specialist vehicle catergory to spread the field a little. This class was originally dropped last year as it was unused so we'll see how it goes this year.
  5. The Sports Modifier that was introduced for certain vehicles i.e. Lotus cars, wasn't a good fit for all vehicles. So as this is only an issue for vehicles under 2000cc it is now a lower class limit instead of a modifier so vehicles listed against the 'Sports Limit' cannot enter a class lower that J9 unless approved by the organiser which should in theory put most Lotus vehicles in the correct performance range.