2019 Provisional Calendar & Regulations

Posted by admin 17/12/2018 0 Comment(s)
We're pleased to announce our provisional 2019 calendar and regulations are now available, final confirmation will come when the events go on sale in early January. We've got the usual 8 rounds so no major changes there other than Anglesey now being in June rather than the usual mid August and most of the reg changes come in the form of tweaks to what we had last year. The fire breathing cars at the front of the field now have their own class which means there was a bit more freedom for the ones below that which should make them a bit fairer for everyone and there are now some guidelines in terms of power so everyone should have a clearer idea of where they fit in now.
The biggest changes for next year come with the addition of some extra end of year trophies i.e. fastest 4WD, fastest 2WD NA, etc and we've changed the way you score points in the classes which means we can now compare the performance of individual classes against each other so as well as the normal class winners we can now find a class champion which should give everyone a little something extra to aim for.
You can find the regulations linked in to main menu at the top of this page and the provisional calendar below.