Round 8 - Cadwell Park, 22nd October 2017

New Out Of Stock Round 8 - Cadwell Park, 22nd October 2017
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Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire was a popular addition to the calendar in 2015 but unfortunately we were not able to secure a suitable date for 2016 but thats not the case in 2017. We’re back again for the season finale which last time threw up some surprises with a giant killing performance from Alex Von Ehrheim in the Fiesta who made it look easy in the mornings wet conditions before fending off a late challenge towards the end of the day as the track dried out. Starting at the top of the mountain and finishing just before you get to tackle almost the entire circuit almost completely untouched. October is sure to throw in some interesting and probably changeable conditions so it could be a case of who can get it right when it really matters on englands mini nurburgring.
Circuit Layout – Full Circuit
Circuit Length – Approx 2 Miles
Competition Licence* – Available for purchase at signing on for £5 per individual event or £15 for the year
Competition Plates & Numbers Packs –  You are required to display competition plates with your competition numbers on the side of your vehicle throughout the event. We advise that you mount your stickers on magnetic plates if you wish to remove them between events. We will provide a set of numbered competition plates to each competitor at their first event free of charge to use over the course of the year. Replacement sets will incur a £10 fee and should be ordered no later than a week before the event.
Helmet Hire* – Available on the day for £15
*Please note that all transactions on the day are cash only



Javelin Trackdays decision on assigned class is final and all vehicles will be inspected at scrutineering to make sure they are assigned correctly. Some vehicles will not be an obvious fit for any particular class so if you are unsure then please contact us to discuss it.
Subclasses are designed to be open to interpretation as the wide range of vehicles and possible modifications can create a huge range of potential performances from similar vehicles. It is intended that the majority of entrants will be in subclasses 2-3 with 1 & 4 providing an upper and lower limit on performance so that they are not unfairly competing with others or being forced to compete with much more powerful vehicles themselves. We’ve provided some basic guidelines below to give you the impressions of what we intend should be in each class.
Javelin Trackdays reserves the right to move entrants into a different class at will if we feel it is a better fit to the series.
Class A Performance Production - Highly modified production vehicles along with the faster vehicles from the Trackday Production Class, a high level of performance enhancing parts can be fitted.
1 – High Power, Turbo or 2000cc+ 4WD vehicles, Extreme Performance 2WD Vehicles.
2 – High Power, 1600+ Turbo or 2000cc+ NA 2WD vehicles 
3 – Medium Power, NA Vehicles between 1700cc – 2000cc
4 – Low Power, Most vehicles under 1700cc
Vehicles in subclasses 2, 3 & 4 running non e-marked tyres will advance a subclass up to A2 unless the organiser determines that no noticable advantage is being gained from their use.
Class B Trackday Production - Your average trackday vehicle, a medium level of performance enhancing parts can be fitted.
1 – High Power, Turbo or 2000cc+ 4WD vehicles
2 – High Power, 1600+ Turbo or 2000cc+ NA 2WD vehicles 
3 – Medium Power, NA Vehicles between 1700cc – 2000cc
4 – Low Power, Most vehicles under 1700cc
Class C Road Production - Mainly standard road vehicles, some cosmetic upgrades and minor performance enhancements are permitted. Vehicles must have full interior.
1 – Max Power, Turbo or 2000cc+ 4WD vehicles, vehicles over 3200cc
2 – High Power, 1600+ Turbo or 2000cc-3200cc NA 2WD vehicles 
3 – Medium Power, NA Vehicles between 1700cc – 2000cc
4 – Low Power, Most vehicles under 1700cc
Class F Specialist Vehicles - Lotus Seven & kit car style vehicles.
1 - High Power, High performance vehicles, high capacity car or bike engines.
2 – Medium Power, The average Lotus Seven type vehicle.
3 – Low Power, Generally vehicles with the smaller engines.
Vehicles in subclasses 2 & 3 running non e-marked tyres will advance a subclass unless the organiser determines that no noticable advantage is being gained from their use.
Class S Single Seater & Aero – Single Seaters and heavily aero based vehicles i.e. radicals.
Entries limited to 10 per event.
Not counted in overall results and only eligible for class awards.
A1 14 Steve Reed Mitsubishi Evo 8
A1 22 Tim Bedford Subaru Impreza WRX
A1 165 Kenny Brookes Mitsubishi Evo 5RS
A1 173 Barry Smithson Mitsubishi Evo 6RS
A1 206 Phil Reed Mitsubishi Evo 8
A2 6 Tony Seal MG ZR
A2 23 Tom Singleton BMW E36
A2 43 George Stokes Mazda MX5 Supercharged
A2 44 Neil Stokes Mazda MX5 Supercharged
A2 52 Ross Burrows Mazda MX5 Supercharged
A2 95 Phil Concannon Ford Cortina
A2 163 Steve Shaw BMW
A2 195 Simon Newton Vauxhall Astra
A2 202 Straker Matthew Vauxhall Astra
A2 205 Neal Ison Honda Integra Type R
A3 9 Ian Yates Renault Clio 172
A3 10 Tom Gaughran Renault Clio
A3 25 Nick Coombes Renault Clio 172
A3 35 Aaron Gaughran Renault Clio 200
A3 45 Oliver Elmer Honda Civic Type R
A3 70 Gav Mason Renault Clio 172
A3 104 Mark Lawrence MR2 Roadster
A3 105 Paul Austin Ford Fiesta
A3 132 Piotr Gaczowski Honda Civic
A3 166 Rob Kirk Renault Clio 172
B1 31 Rob Loftus Mitsubishi Evo 7
B1 60 Chris Riley Mitsubishi Evo
B1 61 Kevin Smith Subaru Impreza WRX
B1 90 Dean Simpson Subaru Impreza
B1 107 Andy Bywater Audi TT Quattro
B1 152 Richard Wright Mitsubishi Evo
B1 190 Paul Daniels Mitsubishi Evo
B1 196 Steve Raper Mitsubishi Evo
B2 4 Kevin Wilde Mazda MX5 Turbo
B2 16 Jonathan Wilde Mazda MX5 Turbo
B2 18 David Johnson Nissan 350Z
B2 26 Paul Laramy BMW 325ti
B2 39 Ben Cressey Vauxhall VX220
B2 66 Brian Barker Mazda MX5 Turbo
B2 67 Kevin Theaker Vauxhall Astra GSI
B2 69 Nicholas Long Vauxhall Astra GSI
B2 108 Dale Johnson Lotus Exige Sport 350
B2 186 Michael Pratt Ford Fiesta ST
B2 204 Jack Neill BMW 330D
B3 11 Ben Edwards Mazda RX8
B3 13 Luke Plummer Mazda MX5
B3 17 Teo Bunyan Abarth Punto Evo
B3 19 David Rowe Honda Civic Type R
B3 20 Pete Mason Mazda RX8
B3 21 Paul Yates Ford Escort GTI
B3 49 Michael Williamson Honda Civic Type R
B3 71 Hugh Consitt Lotus Exige
B3 74 Patrick Boyle Ford Fiesta
B3 122 Michael Georgiou Ford Fiesta
B3 129 Richard Brooker Mazda MX5
B3 133 Artur Zajac Renault Clio 172
B3 140 Karl Fletcher Renault Clio 182
B3 182 Harry Neves-Love Renault Clio
B4 30 Stewart Morris Ford Puma
B4 143 Will Snuggs Peugeot
B4 160 Marcin Baczkowicz Ford Puma
B4 185 John Biddle Ford Puma
B4 192 Daniel Jackson Ford Puma
B4 199 Carl Williamson Peugeot 106
C1 15 Chris Neeves Ford Focus
C1 203 Faulks Matthew Porsche 996
C2 42 Ben Lowden Renault Megane RS250
C2 47 Christian Jones Mini GP2
C2 78 Matt Jones Mini JCW GP2
C2 79 Riccardo Losselli Alfa Romeo 4C
C2 127 Karl Fitt Renault Megane R26
C2 191 Paul Wright BMW M3
C2 200 Tom Garnett Honda S2000
C2 201 Wayne Garnett Honda S2000
C3 24 Alun Denbury Honda Civic Type R
C3 27 Charles White Lotus Elise S2
C3 48 Niall Maloney Mazda MX5
C3 111 Tomasz Szymczykiewicz Renault Clio 197
C3 194 Steve Johnson Skoda Fabia VRS TSI
C4 29 Yvonne Maycock Ford Puma
F1 93 Jon Ison Isonblade
F1 148 Stuart Drewell Ariel Atom 3.5R
F1 197 Paul Donkin Ariel Atom 245
F1 198 Brian  Donkin Ariel Atom 245
F2 3 Richard Hough MK Locost GPZ
F2 8 Peter Brown Caterham
F2 59 Geoff Peters GPC
F2 63 Adam Read Westfield
F2 118 Nick Pinkerton Ginetta G20
F2 124 Peter Clarke Westfield
F2 184 Matthew Bird Caterham Seven
S 40 Jeff Wiltshire Zeus Evo MR1500T
S 88 Simon Wallis Terrapin GSXR1000
S 89 Stuart Leach Terrapin 1A
S 98 Callan Trump T89  - SSL




































































Drivers Form - Bring to signing on
Competition Licence Form - Bring to signing on
Competition Licences can only be arranged on the day of the event at a cost of £5 per event or £15 for the year. Please note that all transactions on the day are cash only.

Please ensure that you arrive early to ensure that you have enough time to get through scrutineering. You must have passed through scrutineering before you can attend the safety briefing, if you do not attend either at the required times then you will not be able to take part in the event.


06:30 Venue Opens
07:00 Scrutineering Opens
07:30 Noise Testing Begins
07:30 Signing On Opens
08:35 Scrutineering Closes
08:40 - 09:00 Safety Briefing
09:00 - 09:20 Convoy Runs
09:20 - 10:45 Practice Runs*
10:45 - 12:30 Timed Runs*
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch*
13:30 - 17:00 Timed Runs*
17:00 - 17:20 Awards Presentation*


*These times are approximate and subject to change.


Where is it Located ?

Cadwell Park Circuit is located 10 miles north of Horncastle and 5 miles south of Louth in Lincolnshire.


Sat Nav Postcode - LN11 9SE


Fuel - Is available on site at set times throughout the day


Camping - Is permitted for a small fee payable to the circuit, ensure that you are not in the way of any events that may be taking place the following day


Trailer Parking - You can leave trailers overnight at your own risk, they will usually need to be dropped off by a set time due to the venue gates closing overnight


Food - Food is available throught the day from the clubhouse


Supporters - Cadwell Park has several spectator areas available. Please  note that anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and they are not permitted access to the pit lane. Animals are not permitted on site


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