Round 8 - Cadwell Park, 13th October 2018

New Out Of Stock Round 8 - Cadwell Park, 13th October 2018


Cadwell Park finishes off our year in style with this very popular venue, it takes a brave driver to truely get the most out of this circuit and changeable conditions on almost every visit we’ve had has meant there have been a few surprises on the way as well.
Circuit Layout – Full Circuit
Circuit Length – 2 Miles
Competition Licence* – Available for purchase at signing on for £5 per individual event or £15 for the year
Competition Plates & Numbers Packs –  You are required to display competition plates with your competition numbers on the side of your vehicle throughout the event. We advise that you mount your stickers on magnetic plates if you wish to remove them between events. We will provide a set of numbered competition plates to each competitor at their first event free of charge to use over the course of the year. Replacement sets will incur a £10 fee and should be ordered no later than a week before the event.
Helmet Hire* – Available on the day for £15
*Please note that all transactions on the day are cash only

Discount Voucher – This package will reward a discount voucher that can be used against other Javelin Trackdays products, each voucher awards a £10 discount. Please see the terms and conditions for usage instructions and how to claim them.

Class Overview
J1 – Unlimited
J2 – Ultimate 4WD
J3 – Ultimate 2WD
J4 – Over 2000cc 4WD Spec4
J5 – Over 2000cc 4WD Spec3
J6 – Over 2000cc 2WD Spec4
J7 – Over 2000cc 2WD Spec3
J8 – Ultimate 1800cc to 2000cc
J9 – 1800cc to 2000cc Spec2
J10 – 1800cc to 2000cc Spec1
J11 – 1600cc to 1800cc Spec2
J12 – 1600cc to 1800cc Spec1
J13 – 1350cc to 1600cc Spec2
J14 – 1350cc to 1600cc Spec1
J15 – Under 1350cc Spec2
J16 – Under 1350cc Spec1
J17 – Under 1000cc Spec2
J18 – Under 1000cc Spec1
JF1 – Specialist Vehicles (High Power)
JF2 – Specialist Vehicles (Medium Power)
JF3 – Specialist Vehicles (Low Power)
S – Single Seaters & Aero vehicles
Engine Modifiers
Forced Induction = +40% cc
Rotary Engine = +50% cc
Sports Limit = Certain sports vehicles have a standard performance that is much greater than their specs would suggest on paper and therefore do not sync up with the normal class structure, it is therefore required to apply a specific rule to certain vehicles to allow for a fairer competition. Vehicles included in this limit should apply the normal class structure to their entry but cannot enter a class lower than J9 unless by prior agreement with the organisers. Currently the sports modifier applies to the following vehicles : Lotus based vehicles.
Unlimited – J1
As all other regulations except Competition Tyres are permitted. Vehicles running in the unlimited class do not qualify for championship points, overall or class awards.
Ultimate – J2, J3 & J8
The top spec cars of the series. Vehicles that have had extensive modifications made in all areas that puts them at the head of the class. J8 is intended for saloon/hatchback vehicles over 210bhp as a guide but may also include lighter vehicles that have comparable power/weight.
Over 2000cc Vehicles - J4, J5, J6, J7 Spec3 & Spec4
It should be understood that substantial upgrades to the turbo and engine are likely to change the performance of a vehicle more than all other modifications combined so that will be the basis for deciding the classes listed above. Spec 4 will be for the higher powered vehicles with Spec 3 for the lower powered.
J4 - High powered 4WD cars over 400bhp
J5 - Lower powered 4WD cars up to 400bhp
J6 - Higher powered 2WD cars over 300bhp
J7 - Lower powered 2WD cars under 300bhp
Spec 1
Road going vehicles with modifications, allowances for removing interior to fit safety devices.
  • Must have both front seats fitted, Seats can be changed to allow harness fitting.
  • Must have rear seats unless removed to fit roll cage.
  • Must have car interior remaining around the driver. Standard door cards may be removed, but the inside of the door must be covered in alloy, plastic or kevlar sheet with no sharp edges. Carpet must remain.
  • Street style body kit allowed ie: front and rear bumpers, side skirts, front lip spoilers, rear boot spoilers and rear lip spoilers. Front splitters - allowed but must not protrude forward past existing bodywork more than 75mm, and not extend more than 25mm either side of original bumper. Canards and vortex generators which are road type and do not extend past bodywork. (items should not have sharp edges and be deemed "road legal" eg: TRD front canards), no wide arch extensions or conversions etc.
  • Vehicle should maintain the silhouette of the road going version allowing for after market bodywork additions in the same style.
  • Carbon and FRP bonnet, boot lid and front wings are allowed. All must be securely fixed using standard catch / hinges or additional pins if deemed necessary.
  • Must retain all glass as fitted by manufacturer.
  • Engine or transmission conversions - may be allowed as long as long as they are carried out to a high standard and supported by suitable brake and suspension upgrades. Vehicles will be allocated a class on a case by case basis - please contact us with full details.
  • No dog or sequential shift gearboxes allowed unless fitted as standard equipment.
  • Headlights must remain fitted and working.
Track focused vehicles.
  • Body panels may be replaced with lightweight versions but must be securely fixed.
  • Doors may be lightened or replaced with grp/carbon versions only if a roll cage with door bars is present.
  • Standard door cards may be removed, but the inside of the door must be covered in alloy, plastic or kevlar sheet with no sharp edges.
  • If a vehicle does not have a roll cage that surrounds the driver, competition seat and full harness, then the standard vehicle interior must remain around the driver. ie: Dashboard, steering column covers, centre console, door panel and headlining. Carpet may be removed but there must be no sharp edges that could come in to contact with the driver in an accident.
Class JF1, JF2, JF3 Specialist Vehicles
Lotus Seven & Kit Car type vehicles
Class S  – Single Seater & Aero Vehicles
Single seater and heavy aero vehicles, not included in the overall JTSS championship but operates as a single class championship within.
Class Num First Name Last Name Vehicle
J01 196 Steve Reed Mitsubishi Evo
J02 46 Kenny Brookes Mitsubishi Evo
J02 52 Matt Chambers Mitsubishi Evo
J02 200 Philip Reed Mitsubishi Evo
J03 5 Dale Johnson Mclaren 12C
J04 3 Rob Loftus Mitsubishi Evo 7 RS
J04 94 Julian Waller Mitsubishi Evo
J04 201 Steven Peel Mitsubishi Evo 6
J04 210 Danny Watkinson Subaru Impreza
J05 18 Kevin Smith Mitsubishi Evo
J05 23 Dean Simpson Subaru Impreza
J05 28 Chris Riley Mitsubishi Evo
J05 35 Tom Jewell Audi TT
J05 49 Steve Jewell Audi TT
J05 175 Richard Wright Subaru Impreza
J05 192 Paul Wright Subaru Impreza
J05 199 Richard Woodmansey Mitusbishi Evo
J05 204 Kevin Nix Subaru Impreza
J06 53 Neal Ison Honda Integra Type R
J06 202 Simon Newton Vauxhall Astra
J06 206 Stephen Drew BMW
J06 211 Alex Stead Vauxhall Astra VXR
J07 9 Christian Jones Mini GP2
J07 15 Luke Plummer Mazda MX5
J07 19 Phil Concannon Opel Manta
J07 26 Kevin Theaker Vauxhall Astra
J07 31 Matt Jones Mini JCW
J07 45 Paul Laramy BMW E46 Compact
J07 76 Tom Whiles Mini Cooper JCW
J07 114 Steve Wardle Ford Escort Mk2
J07 124 Josh Carr VW Polo
J07 150 Grant Parker Seat Ibiza TDI
J07 163 Riccardo Losselli Alfa Romeo 4C
J07 203 Kevin Jordan VW Golf
J07 205 Peter Jordan Audi TT
J07 209 Luke Barber Mini Cooper S
J08 24 Pete Mason Mazda RX8
J08 34 David Rowe Honda Civic Type R
J08 81 Kate Mason Renault Clio 172
J08 153 Elliott James Honda civic Type R
J08 178 Richard Beasley Honda Civic Type R
J08 207 Sam Bennett Renault Clio
J09 12 Hugh Consitt Lotus Exige S2
J09 14 Nick Coombes Renault Clio 172
J09 22 Ian Yates Renault Clio 172
J09 30 Teo Bunyan Abarth Punto Evo
J09 42 Paul Dixon Renault Clio 182
J09 68 Karl Wilson Renault Clio 172
J09 78 Martin Proctor Honda Civic Type R
J09 135 Rob Andrade Renault Clio 200
J09 155 Mark Younger Renault Clio
J10 1 Tim Bedford Renault Clio 182
J10 62 Michael Pratt Ford Fiesta ST150
J10 82 Gary Hugill Mitsubishi Colt CZT
J10 98 Charlie Bedford Renault Clio 182
J11 17 Tony Seal MGZR
J11 29 Stewart Morris Ford Puma
J11 125 Jack Booth Rover Metro
J11 128 Geoff Turner Mazda MX5
J11 134 Kevin Rhodes Mazda MX5
J11 185 Simon Walker Ginetta G40
J11 208 Andy Fox Whiteley MGZR
J12 41 Yvonne Maycock Ford Puma
J12 43 Paul Yates Ford Escort GTI
J12 73 Andy MacDonald Celica
J12 198 Stephens Dan Toyota Corolla
J14 61 Steve Johnson Suzuki Swift Sport
J14 86 Colin Holroyd Mazda MX5
J14 87 Adrian Peters Mazda MX5
J15 191 John Thacker Austin Mini
JF1 2 Jon Ison K17 CAR
JF2 4 Richard Hough MK Locost ZZR
JF2 59 Matt Faulks Peugeot Spider
JF2 95 Simon Marsh Westfield
JF2 164 Mike Rawlings Caterham R400
JF2 212 Chris Hussey Sylva Striker
JF3 7 George Stokes Ginetta G20
JF3 8 Geoff Peters GPC
JF3 20 Nick Pinkerton Ginetta G20
JF3 27 Neil Stokes Ginetta G20
JF3 133 Peter Brown Caterham
JF3 168 Andrew Fletcher Haynes Roadster
JF3 182 James Ramsden Westfield
JF3 189 David Bland Sylva Fury
S 11 Tom Gaughran Norma
S 13 Mark Lawrence Megapin
S 36 Aaron Gaughran Norma
S 92 Stuart Leach Terrapin 1A
S 112 Eric Close Megapin
S 122 Josh Harmer Radical SL

Please ensure that you arrive early to ensure that you have enough time to get through scrutineering. You must have passed through scrutineering before you can attend the safety briefing, if you do not attend either at the required times then you will not be able to take part in the event.


06:30 Venue Opens
07:00 Scrutineering Opens
07:30 Noise Testing Begins
07:30 Signing On Opens
08:35 Scrutineering Closes
08:40 - 09:00 Safety Briefing
09:00 - 09:20 Convoy Runs
09:20 - 10:45 Practice Runs*
10:45 - 12:30 Timed Runs*
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch*
13:30 - 17:00 Timed Runs*
17:00 - 17:20 Awards Presentation*


*These times are approximate and subject to change.


Where is it Located ?

Cadwell Park Circuit is located 10 miles north of Horncastle and 5 miles south of Louth in Lincolnshire.


Sat Nav Postcode - LN11 9SE


Fuel - Is available on site at set times throughout the day


Camping - Is permitted for a small fee payable to the circuit, ensure that you are not in the way of any events that may be taking place the following day


Trailer Parking - You can leave trailers overnight at your own risk, they will usually need to be dropped off by a set time due to the venue gates closing overnight


Food - Food is available throught the day from the clubhouse


Supporters - Cadwell Park has several spectator areas available. Please  note that anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and they are not permitted access to the pit lane. Animals are not permitted on site


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