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Welcome to JTSS

A friendly sprint competition series for trackday vehicles run by Javelin Trackdays. 99% of trackday vehicles can take part in our events with little to no additional work required. Compete for Top 3 Overall & 18 Classes. The Class T Championship will be running separately with 6 classes within JTSS. IOPD Competition licences are available for our events from as little as £15 per event or £25 for the year. View the regulations for what you need to do to compete.

A class for every car

Our sprints accommodate everything from a fully modified track monster to a super mini, your track car to your daily driver. JTSS features a total of 25 classes that cover all manner of vehicles including a guest class for those vehicles that don't quite fit into the regs but still want to take part.

Easy to enter

Our regulations are based primarily on safety and cater exclusively to our series which means they are designed to make it as simple and easy to take part as possible. You can register for the championship and compete across the season or just take part in the individual round that suits you. Share the vehicle with your friends & family, make a weekend of it as all of our events this year feature a trackday the day before.

A friendly paddock

We promote friendly competition on our events, you can take the competition part seriously on track but we've no time for drama in the paddock. Many of our competitors have been with us for years at this point and you'll find a friendly and relaxed paddock with your fellow competitors usually all too willing to help out someone in need (even direct competitors). We quite often get comments from newcomers about how relaxed the paddock is compared to other events they've taken part in which is something we're proud to maintain. Our rules only cover our series meaning we can be flexible in most situations to accommodate the unexpected.

Class T

We've 6 classes to accommodate single seater, aero and specialist type vehicles under the Class T banner. Featuring it's own championship as well you can compete alongside JTSS for both class and overall trophies.

Toyota Sprint Series

Taking part in a Toyota or Toyota related vehicle i.e. Lexus, Subaru BRZ or new BMW Z4? You could be eligible to register as part of the Toyota Sprint Series that runs within JTSS. Simply register your participation on the day and agree to apply sponsor stickers and you can qualify for extra overall and class trophies on the day as well as across the year with the TSS championship.